Email-Spider 1.01

It is an email address extractor that targets email addresses to extract them
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Email Spider is an email address extractor that targets email addresses to extract them in almost limited time period. Extract email addresses easily with this tool from website that you specify. All of the sites in directories are generally reviewed by editors prior they get listed online. These websites are placed under various specific industries. This is particularly done so that you can spider particular directory or site so that your mailing list can be made more target-specific. This spider email tool uses very simple method to extract emails. Just type URL of a site from where you need extracting email addresses. This email marketing software would automatically fetch addresses from the website so as to create a bulk list for your campaign. The list can be saved thereafter. It has the efficiency to create longer emails lists since there is this feature, multi-threading in the utility. Using the tool is extremely easy and for mass mailing and sending newsletters to many subscribers, this is possibly the best software that you can use.

Main Features :

- On the World Wide Web, it searches nearly any URL which comprises trade message boards, newsgroups and even the ones that are generated by dynamic PHP, ASP and many more.
- No less than 500 simultaneous email extraction threads can be activated with the multi-threading implementation feature.
- Almost 100 mails can be searched every hour which is the normal speed that you can see.
- URL as well as email both can be extracted at the same time.
- Duplicate and invalid syntax email addresses are automatically removed by the email extractor.

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